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 Series 6

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon: When a mysterious presence draws Amy and Rory plus River Song to the Middle of the Utah Desert a Terrible Secret unites them back with the Doctor, but the meeting isnt as pleseant as it sounds. When their Investigations leads them to the Astronaut a Teriffying event of Sequences endanger not just them but the Entire World. Then 3 months later the FBI are hunting down Amy,Rory and River while the Doctor is being Locked inside the Perfect prison. As the Team discover who and whats the Silence are a Shocking Motion of Events are to be carried out.

The Curse of the Black Spot: When the Tardis Lands on a Pirate ship stranded in the Middle of the Ocean the Doctor discovers why the Crew are afraid of a Mysterious but deadly Siren.

The Doctor's Wife: The Doctor gets a Distressed Signal from an unknown but possible time lord he arrives on a Junkyard Planet with the Strange "House". But when the Tardis is ripped from its Body and placed into a Human the Tardis crew get a little more than they can handle.

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People: The Doctor is forced onto a Island made into a Converted Factory pumping acid to the Mainland, he Finds that the Humans are using Clones "Flesh Avatars" to use the Machinery deemed To dangerous for Humans. But when a Solar Impact seperates the Clones from the Humans a Civil War erupts. Then when the War between Gangers and Humans comes to a Climax a Shocking Twist blows the Tardis Crew Apart.

A Good man goes to War: When an army set to destroy the Doctor is on Demons Run along with Amy and her new Daughter things are set in Time. But when a few old debts from across the universe are to be repaid to the Doctor, he has a special army ready to win Demons run.

Lets Kill Hitler: When the Tardis Crash Lands in Hitlers Office, The Doctor and Co Unwittingly Save Adolf Hitlers Life. They then have to Contend with the Universes Best War Criminal. And Hitler. The Doctor, Amy and Rory learn tht time travel has its Responsibilities too.

Terror House:

The Girl who Waited:

The God Complex: In a Terrible Hotel hides a Terrible Secret each room has a Different Scenario with New and Old Enemies to Defeat. Weeping Angels, Terrifying Clowns, Puppets and also a Minotaur Stalking the Corriders and The Gang. But The Doctor Faces his Worst Battle in Room 11.

Episode 12 and 13:


New Stuff

Got some new stuff that needed adding to the website...

James Corden will be making a Second appearance in Doctor who in Series 6. Also more Celebrities will be making an Appearance like Little Britain's David Walliams will be in Dr Who as a Alien Mole named Gibbis.

The Cybermen and Cybermats will be returning in the same episode as James Corden returning with a Baby.

Winston Churchill comes back as The Holy Roman Emperor. As an Exclusive This Comes from Episode 12: Crowds lined the mall today as Holy Roman Emperor, Winston Churchill, returned to the Buckingham Senate on his personal mammoth. From this we Deduce that Someone has been messing With Time plus its back in America.   England: Shopping Centre      America: Mall

This Picture is From Episode 10 "The Girl who Waited" featuring a Aged Amy. In this Picture you See Amy and Rory Battling The Mysterious Hand Bots. More To Come...

When the Doctor at the End of the Big Bang he said YOUR HIGHNESS which may or may not have been LIZ 10?

Neil Gaiman said his Third Episode in the series will be a Spooky one and may be called "The House of Nothing!"

The Valeyard is Said to return because the Valeyard is meant to be The Doctor's Dark side which in Series 5 the Dream Lord. But he is Only said to be coming in the Doctor's 12th or His Final Regenaration. But this Proves a Point as Series 6 will be Matt Smiths Final Series as the Doctor.

Everyone is Overlooking Series 4 and looking in Series for Clues but in Episode 6 of Series 4 'The Doctor's Daughter' jenny lived and Escaped. Maybe a Return for her because Stephen Moffet is in charge of Series 5 and 6 but in Series 4 he wanted Jenny to Survive as the other members of Doctor Who were Killing her off but he Wanted her Alive. Maybe Jenny is 'The Silence'. Or Jenny is River Song from a long way away in the Past and she Changed her name. 

In an Interview Stephen Moffet said "Never mind What is the Silence more like 'Who are the Silence' a new Speices of Bad guy Perhaps?

If you watch the First Episode of the Fifth Series ' The Eleventh Hour' when Prisoner Zero said "Silence will Fall" it was the same voice roughly as in The Pandorica Opens the Voice of the Silence in  the Tardis...

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