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 Torchwood: Miracle Day

Good new John Barrowman will be leaving Wisteria Lane behind and heading back to Torchwood. A new American Cast will feature because Torchwood will be set in some other Countries e.g. United states of America but they will still be shooting episodes in CARDIFF! The series will only be a 10 parter but thats okay.

New Characters include Rex Matheson as a new Team member and these funny people...The show will also introduce two new recurring characters - Oswald Jones, a convicted murderer and paedophile, and Esther Katusi, a young CIA agent "who learns what she’s really made of only when she’s forced to".

It is Said that the Doctor who Actor and 'Being Human' star Russel Tovey AKA Alonso Frame from the doctor who episodes entitled Voyage of the Damned and the End of Time Part 2. He will be recruited onto the Torchwood team on Jack's return.

And also Sad news for Car and Torchwood Fans alike the Torchwood S.U.V will not be making a return as it was sold at a Auction at Bonhams for a heafty £18,000 and it was Stolen by Kids in 'Children of Earth Part One'.

Another Episode Title Here "The New World"

Miracle Day

Episode 1: On the Day of Convicted Paedophile Oswald Danes' Execution a Miracle happens when the Entire World Cannot Die. Oswald then gets Released into the Public. Rex and Esther work at the CIA and are Investigating a Mysterious Email Containing only Torchwood. This Email Happened at the Same time as The Miracle Began. Esther Investigating Further goes to the CIA Archive when she finally comes face to face with Cpt Jack Harkness. When Leaving with Documents a Suicide Bomber comes to Kill both Esther and Jack. They Get out fine Apart from the Bomber. Later on at a Medical Facility They Experiment on the Bomber and Decapitate his Head, From which he still doesn't die even though no Oxygen gets to his Brain. Meanwhile in Wales Rex Hunts down Gwen Cooper and when a Helicopter sent to Murder the Pair Fails they meet up with Jack by the Old Hub. It was a Trap made by Rex to Lure Jack and Gwen back to America and after being Arrested are placed aboard an Aeroplane Heading for America.

Episode 2:

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