Welcome to this New Section. As you know The Walking Dead Series is a Popular post Apocalyptic Drama/Horror Based around The Comics. Since we are waiting for Series 2 im going to give a Summary of Series 1.

The Walking Dead Series 1

Episode 1: When Rick Grimes wakes up from a Coma and discovers the World has been Overun with The Dead, he looks for his Family only to find Morgon and Dwaine. A Father Son Duo who after their Mother/ Wife Dies from the Disease have halled up in a Neighbour of Ricks house. On Route to Atlanta by Horseback Rick enters the Supposidly "Safe City" only to see a Helicopter in the sky. After he chases it Rick Finds that the City has been lost to the Dead and after being Chased by The Walkers he Finds Refuge in a Tank Trapped surrounded by The Undead. "Hey Dumbass yeah you in the Tank, Cosy In there?".

Episode 2: When an Uknown Person guides Rick Past the Dead filled Streets with only 15 Bullets and a Grenade, He finds Himself with Glenn and Other Survivours in a Shopping Centre Trapped by the Dead. Merle Dixon who is on the roof quickly attacks T-dog an African American, but  Merle gets handcuffed to the Roof by Officer Grimes who tries to find a Way Out. But supposidly the only way out is onto the Streets, so Smelling like Walkers by covering themselves with guts of a Dead Male. But when it starts to rain in the Big city Glenn and Rick find themselves running out of time. So when the Finally Get the Vehicle rick drops off Glenn Outside the City so he can Get a Stolen Car to make as much sounds as possible to draw the Walkers away from the Shopping Centre. When everyone gets away but Merle who is still handcuffed to the roof they head back to Their Camp.

Episode 3: Merle is still on the Roof handcuffed and lonely going quickly Insane he find the Only way out is to grab a Hack saw. When Rick on Co get back to camp Rick finds Shane, his best friend from the Police, His Wife Lori and Son Carl. After a Reunion of the Camps dearly beloved we see that Shane told Lori that Rick died in the Hospital. When Daryl Merles brother arrives in camp looking for his Brother he assaults T-dog and Rick. Rick, Glenn, Daryl, T-dog plan to enter the Big city again to rescue Merle, and retrieve the Bag of guns. When they enter the city and Fight off a few zombies they get to the roof. All whats left of merle is a Bloody mess, a bloody saw and a Cut off hand...

Episode 4: They quickly leave the roof in search of merle only to find he burned the Stump to stop it bleeding. When Rick and T-dog split from Glenn and Daryl to retrieve the bag of guns they meet a strange latino boy. When Glenn gets the bag, two men kidnap him in a car who are also with the latino boy. When the Latino boy guides the rest of the Gang to an Abondened Warehouse they find a whole gang keeping glenn hostage until rick hands over the guns to the leader, but if rick doesnt give in they go out fighting. Rick and Co leave. Back at camp we see the Women washin clothes but the Husband of 1 of the women is being hurt by him, so when shane arrives just in time he beats Him to a pulp. Rick and the rest of the gang head back to the Warehouse Locked and Loaded only to find an Old woman. When she leads them to the Latino's Gang reason for being there we find its a Elderly Care Home. Rick hands over a few Guns as the Latino Gang turns out to be nice people. When they head back to the van its been stolen by Merle who leads a small army of Walkers back to camp and attack and kill most of the Camp Including Amy, Andrea's Sister. Rick and Co get back in time to Save a small band of them.

Episode 5:The Camp is Still Reeling after the Massive Attack the Previous Night, But when jim is Revealed as infected a Civil War erupts in the Camp. Do they Brutally Kill him or Wait till he becomes a member of the Undead?  So after theyve buried the bodies they have to decide where to turn as the Camp is not safe anymore. Rick Messages Morgan warning him away from the City but no reply comes back. They Decide to go with Morgans idea from the First Episode and head to the CDC a Disease Control Centre. When they all head there its nearly dark so they have to get in or else they die. When they turn up the Group think rick was Wrong about the CDC and try to pull him away but when they all pull rick away and start to leave the Doors open and reveal a White Canvas background.

Episode 6: After entering the CDC they meet Dr Jenner the only remaining Scientist there. They were trying to work on a cure for the Outbreak but when his last Test Sample gets blown up he gives up hope. It turns out the CDC runs on a Generator and its almost out of energy. They have 1 hour to escape the Building before the air gets Egnited and eventually blowing it up. So when Doctor Jenner locks them in for the good of Humanity they persuade him to set them free. When they get out Doctor Jenner Whispers something to Rick and rick looks shocked. When they get out of the main lab they are confronted with Impenitrable Glass which means it cannot break. But luckily Rick had saved a grenade from the Tank from Episode 2 and they get out just before the Building Blows up Dr Jenner and another member of the group. We last see them driving away from the CDC.

Merle Dixon will appear in Season 3 and also The Governor will feature. The Governor will be played by Dr who Jackson Lake actor. 

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